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Motu 8 Pre and Ableton Live 8

Kurtis Payne

I have recently purchased a 21.5" Imac (Just the stock standard 3.06GHz, 4Gb Ram and 500Gb Hardrive), aswell as a pair of Rokit Studio Monitor Speakers and a Motu 8 Pre Firewire interface.
I used to work alot with Logic Pro but i am now doing alot of music production in ableton live 8. The issue i am having however is that when recording Audio into ableton via the 8 Pre it is panning it to either the right or left Channel of the audio track. Input one (1) on the 8 pre pans the audio to the left, all of the other inputs pan it to the right
I have tried a mates audiogram usb interface and it works in ableton perfectly, all channels on the interface portray a stereo mix into ableton. I can also confirm that using the 8 Pre in logic pro has no issues with mono panning, it all goes in stereo.
I have tested the 8 Pre on another Imac and ableton still has the same issues....
I am so stumped for what the issue could be and have looked everywhere for a resolution but to no avail. I considered whether it could be the way ableton deals with firewire interfaces?? or even possibly some configuration i have missed in ableton or on the 8 Pre....
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
April 7, 2011 @05:13am

It sounds like you have inputs 1 and 2 configured as a stereo pair in the audio input preferences which would make input 1 the left side of the stereo pair. Go into preferences/audio/input configure and switch from stereo 1 and 2 to mono 1 and then mono 2. That should solve the problem.
September 16, 2011 @02:01am