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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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I just want steror - left and right - not mono when I record in SONAR X1 PRODUCER


Hi I am new to the forums... Glad to be here... I have asked the techs at sweetwarter and I cannot get an answer. I really hope you can help... I have SonarX1 producer... When I play cd's mp3's in my creation station, No problem. Left and right speakers work.
When I go to my software to record with guitar, mic or keyboard. I get only one side... I switched the cables around on the moniters to see if it is a cable issue and they switch fine... It should be simple When I go into sonar and on the track page I put selected track inputs, it shows selected track input series or selected track inputs or ASIO saffire 8 in 4 out... I go to the saffire because I have a Saffire pro24 dsp... In that input it gives me a selection of left mono right mono or stero... I hit stero and I get only mono...
I just want to start recording and hear left and right... Please can you help me... I know all my software connetions are fine. I hear left and right, only when I am in Sonar x1 producer it will not give me stereo... Thanks so much Jimmy
March 23, 2011 @11:18am

Isn't this physically impossible? You have to use two microphones and two tracks panned separately to hear two parts simultaneously. If the waveform is identical it will phase to the center.
August 21, 2011 @08:35pm