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meshing active with passive systems


here's my problem for years i have been strictly a passive guy and recently the qsc kw153 has worked it's way into my mix and for a band in a smaller venue i use the 153's and set them on top of my passive bass cab's they are a single 18" in each. in larger venue's i would like to incorporate the 153's into my stacks of passive mid's and high's, but my feer is that they will be out of phase. i really dont have a place that i can set it all up with the bodies that fill a place like that to practice in and then take the time to swap the polarity on my passive cables to put them in phase with the active if they are off.
am i over thinking this? or do i have a valid concern? has anyone had to cross this bridge yet? im sure someone has. also outdoor venues i was thinking of using the active as a delay tower with the passive's up front. im thinking this is a good idea. what does everyone think?
any and all feedback is welcome
March 8, 2011 @02:34am

Unless boxes are specifically designed to be arrayed (and often even if they are), having multiple boxes usually results in poorer performance (though louder - at least at some frequencies). When those boxes are not matched, the results will likely be much worse than either alone.
March 11, 2011 @03:12am