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Opinions on PT 8.0.4 + 003 rack + CS i5 tower


Can anyone give me some feedback on the compatiblity/stabilty and amount of trouble shooting that would be required if I purchase the Creation Station Tower (i5) and run PT LE 8.0.4 w/ an 003 rack on Win7...is 64 bit the way to go? I don't mind some tweaking and optimizing I just want to be confident that its going to run before I purchase. Also is anyone running PT 9 with this tower and had good results?
I've got a dell xps studio 8100 that I've been trying get this set up to run but its proven to be a major headache to say the least and I would like to have a rig thats soley dedcated to audio recording which isn't possble with the aforementioned PC
I'm fairly new to PC recording but realize some versions of recording software can be
more problematic than others. Any opinions/suggestions would be appreciated
Thanks very much
March 4, 2011 @02:12pm

There are people here more qualified than me to elaborate on the details, but I can tell you that the Creation Stations are designed and built with Pro Tools in mind (really, all of the DAW's, but definitely Pro Tools).
March 4, 2011 @03:16pm

All the Creation Station models have been extensively tested with ProTools LE, you should have no problems there.
64-bit vs 32-bit is up to you. Most plugins are not natively 64-bit, so if you run a 64-bit OS, you need to install a 32-bit version of your DAW and 32-bit Plugins into that software for it to work smoothly. PTLE is not natively 64-bit.
March 7, 2011 @01:57pm