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Cubebase LE 5


Hello everyone,
I just installed LE 5 on my HP PC running Windows 7 and got the error message " The currently installed sound card driver does not support direct sound input. Recording audio is not possible." Really don't know what steps to take as I am an old ADAT guy. I just bought a Zoom R24 and just want to dump my tunes into Cubase LE to do some editing and burn a cd. By the way, how DO I dump my tunes into the PC from the R24? (I know I connect USB but then what). Thanks, Rico
March 2, 2011 @07:37pm

It sounds like you need to install the ASIO driver for your sound card. If your sound card does not support ASIO you will have to buy one. I ran into that same problem with my computer and had to purchase a sound card with ASIO support. As for the zoom, I don't have one, but it should show up as a device under My Computer and the USB port you plugged it into. Open it up and you should see your songs. I would create a new folder (Name it something) and drop all your tunes into that, then you can import each song individually into Cubase,edit and then dither and burn. You have to dither down to 16bits if you recorded at any bit rate higher than that. The manual is a wealth of knowledge,you just have to take the time and read it, also, if you purchased Cubase from Sweetwater you should be able to access the video tutorials. Hope that helps! Check out what my band A.D.30 did with the Tascam 2488 and Cubase at www.ad30.org or Itunes!!!
March 5, 2011 @12:48am
John Taylor

I had the EXACT same problem... i was so lost until i got the Zoom G Series driver. This has nothing to do with the fact that you have a zoom product. i couldn't even tell you why it's this driver, but it did the job for me. i believe you can get it here: http://softwaretopic.informer.com/zoom-g-series/
good luck.
July 2, 2011 @07:05am