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Tuning an Acoustic Guitar to B Standard


Hey guys!
It's been a while since I've posted on the Sweetwater Forums, but I have recently thought of a question. I've been working on a project for the past several months and the album is being written with the guitars and bass tuned to B Standard. I have a Jackson SLAT3-6 Soloist and an Ibanez SR405QM 5-string bass. Lately, I've been wanting to add some acoustic guitar parts to some of the songs.
Would there be any negative consequences by tuning an acoustic guitar down to B and possibly adding thicker strings? What concerns me is that because of the nature and construction of acoustic guitars, I would think that the bass frequency response would be way to powerful and pronounced...making it difficult to record. In the near future, I'd like to purchase an Acoustic/Electric Martin. Sweetwater does not carry the 3 I'm deciding on, so before I post links, I just wanted to make sure that that wouldnt offend anyone.
Thanks for reading my post and I am looking forward to hearing your opinions!
February 17, 2011 @05:28pm
R Whittington

Your concerns are valid. Keeping in mind that most if not all acoustic guitars are "designed" with standard, A=440 pitch in mind. The further you vary from that pitch, it will work against you in RE of playability and more importantly in this particular case, structural stability. I'm not sure how the neck tension would re-act. Even going to larger strings to counteract the lack of pitch tension...I'm just not sure how well it would work. Then there's the modification you'd need to do to the nut to accommodate the larger strings....there's a lot to consider. Aside from possibly "ruining" the nut that's already on the guitar...I don't think you'd permanently harm the guitar by trying it.
February 17, 2011 @05:37pm