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Powered Speaker Setup for DJ


Hello, I have been doing some research on augmenting or upgrading my current speaker setup. I have 2 JBL EON15 G2's. I have used them for a couple of years and believe them to be a solid, stable, versitile, and portable solution. I tend to only do 5 or 6 mobile gigs a year. The venues are small and intimate. 500 to 2000 sqft. 50 to 200 people. Audience is normally pretty near me and my setup.
I am thinking of 2 options: 1) Keep the G2's and add a Sub. OR 2) Sell/Trade in my G2's for a whole new setup. My issue really is if I just do #1, what does that mean if/when I go do #2. I tend to try and stay in the same family, which is why I was leaning toward the EON518S. I also was thinking the EON518S provides a more versitile solution since it is only 500watts. I could easily use it in the applications above; however buying a second would give me incremental power. Which means I could take 1 sub or two, it just depended on the job. Going with bigger subs sort of means (to me) that I am going to be backing off my lows alot given the size of my typical gigs.
I tried a general purpose DJ site and many were anti-JBL, specifically the EON line. I am sure they were providing me good information; however what made me uncomfortable was the stefford DJ draw to RCF and a specific online store. Everyone was drinking the kool aid and I sort of felt the propoganda was going to continue. If I am going to lay down $2k, I want it to be based on something more than a few strangers that seem to have that particular site cornered on a specific setup/solution. :)
The other thing too is that when I use my G2's at the venues, I normally have to run at at least 60% volume early in the night to be heard through the various partitions of the bar, as well as produce some thumping bass. Which really tends to make people stay away early on because it makes the portion of the room I am in too loud. My assumption with a Sub is that it will allow me to be heard, but without as much volume. So people wont be as reluntant to come stand around and talk while I warm up and they drink up, meanwhile more and more people arrive before the fun begins.
In some of the suggestions from the other site, I was being pushed heavily to non JBL brands because they provide a louder output for the same cost. I completely get the logic in that; however I also am not in a situation where I am needing more power. I just need rounder power so I can play softer earlier and then hammer the crowd when they are ready for the loud music. At the same time, while I am entertaining this option, I am not against considering spending a few hundred more to to a complete replacement. Which means I may have more choices than just what works good with the G2 vs what I would want in the future.
Cost wise, I was hoping to just spend $700-$1000. However after trading in my G2's and certain promo's and sales, I would be probably okay with spending a few hundred more to completely upgrade my setup.
So hopefully that helps provide some proper information as to what I am looking to do as well as some good feedback. If RCF is the way to go, I am good to hear that. I just want it to be something that seems right for my situation. Thank you in advance for your assistance.
February 17, 2011 @02:41am

I'm not an Eon fan (but I haven't heard the new ones). That being said, I'd get the subs and other goodies now, and upgrade the tops later (unless someone offers you an especially good price for your Eons, in which case take the money).
February 18, 2011 @02:32am