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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Discovered some more good news on the PC3X and PC3K8


As an owner of the K2500Xs, I've been pretty fortunate to have not had a key weight problem (until this past year) with the Fatar TP-10 keybed that Kurzweil put into the K2500X's and the K2600X's. These keybeds have a design problem in that the lead weight inside the plastic casing (beneath the keys), after rigorous use and many years of playing, becomes broken or loose. If you Google this issue, you will see some discussions on how to replace or repair the key weights. There are one or perhaps two adequate solutions, but nevertheless, the design needed to be changed.
Well, the new PC3X and PC3K8 use a new design by Fatar, the TP-40 which has one solid molded piece of plastic made with the appropriate weight, thus eliminating the key weight problem that K-series owners have to face at some time or another.
I am very glad to have discovered this. From what I have read, too, Kurzweil also was very unhappy with Fatar's older design. Nice to see continuous improvement happening.
February 8, 2011 @07:19am

Well its about time! Too bad for Kurzweil, i'm now a happy Yamaha camper having gone from the PC88 to an S90 many years ago. Getting ready to replace the S90 now - not sure that I will consider Kurz as it took several gererations of boards for them to address this issue. They would really need to convince me they are a new company and not the mom & pop organization I suspect at the moment.
March 3, 2011 @12:42pm