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iMac i7. Apple Refurb vs. Sweetwater


I'm looking to get the i7 iMac.
There's none in the Apple Refurb store at the moment. Sweetwater's price (tax free) will come out to only $140 more than a refurb+tax. Do you think new from Sweetwater with their Lifetime Support is worth the 140 bucks? Or should I hold out for a refurb to show up? Any other benefits buying from Sweetwater?
February 5, 2011 @06:25pm

Even if it is made by sweetwater, a PC is a PC. No matter who makes it weather it be sweetwater, or dell, a PC is going to have LOTS Of problems. Apple however, makes quality products that are, for the most part problem free. Apple makes both the the software and the hardware, which makes for less problems.
February 11, 2011 @03:25pm

I have purchased refurbs from Apple with no problems. But, I would order new one from SW just the way you like it. :p
March 23, 2012 @06:21pm