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HD Native on Win7 - 9094 & 9129 errors

deep cover

Was just wondering if anyone's using the HD Native card on Win7/64 running PT 8.5 HD and is also experiencing a slew of 9094 and 9129 errors during routine playback and recording? The error text (the same for both errors) suggests a conflict between audio processing and other CPU tasks, for which I've not been able to establish any reasonable link.
A Sandra report is on its way, as soon as I get a chance to transfer the software over to the dedicated studio computer. In the meantime I thought I'd get a jump on the problem with this simple post.
Here's what's been tried so far; some have resulted in an increase in "up" time between failures (could be just a coincidence, as there seems to be no rhyme or reason concerning the frequency of these errors . . . sometimes a song will play through several times in a row with no problems; other times it'll be several stoppages per pass):
Avid's Windows 7 Optimization Guide;
Disabling external F/W devices (used for back-up Glyph drives);
Playback/record while "zoomed out" in edit window (seems to mitigate the problem, but only for so long);
Disabling external USB hard drive (used for misc non-PT data storage);
Checked all cables to Big Ben word clock, and switched to internal clock (with no positive result);
Manipulated and experimented with just about all possible combination of settings in the H/W buffers and DAE dialog (setting the DAE cache to minimum seems to slow down the frequency of the errors);
Have been monitoring system usage both in PT and from within the Windows environment during sessions . . . have noticed no "spikes" in CPU loading at or near error event;
Disabled auto-back-up of session files (with no effect).
There's probably more stuff to list, but the above actions are what come immediately to mind (which is fried, by the way, having been distracted/frustrated by this $20K+ doorstop for the last couple of weeks!).
Also, the computer is NOT connected to a network, the internet, etc, or used for other mundane tasks . . . it is a stand-alone, dedicated machine used strictly for PT purposes.
As mentioned above, a Sandra report will follow shortly. In the meantime any ideas/personal experiences/suggested fixes anyone can come up with will be greatly appreciated.
deep cover productions
New Richmond, OH
February 5, 2011 @05:35pm