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Microphone Month 3

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Not SHURE how to do this


I'm planning on buying a Shure 55SH Series II, but have never used a non PC-Centric Mic before. I'm loving the Shure due to it's iconic look. (I know, silly me!)
I'm needing to hook it up to a computer with on-board sound card only.
Do I need to pick up any additional hardware like converters or such?
I'll admit I'm a noob at this. So, can anybody please help me out?
February 1, 2011 @08:58pm

You need a mic preamp or mixer with a USB output.
I would not buy that mic. Its sound is very mediocre.
February 2, 2011 @04:32am

In that case, are there any mics with a similar look that have a half way decent sound for less than $300? Mostly going to be running the vocals through phasers and flanges, but would be nice to not sound like a methed out chipmunk to start off with . . . lol.
It's rough trying to start out on a limited budget, AND keep the wife happy with her aesthetics.
February 2, 2011 @05:23am

Heil has the Heritage and The Fin. Used Heils often sell for a good price on eBay. http://www.heilsound.com/pro/products/deco.php
On occasion you can find a 55 or a clone that has been retrofitted with a better capsule. It won't sound the same as the mic the capsule came from, but should be better than a 55.
February 2, 2011 @11:30pm

Thanks, the Heritage seems to be right up her ally, looks wise. (she has this whole Elvis obsession thing going on)
February 3, 2011 @12:24am

To get it into the computer, you can use this, or a similar USB audio interface with XLR inputs. http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/X2u/
February 3, 2011 @02:23pm

Depending on how big this Elvis obsession is, there's certainly an argument for using the 55 as he did, even if there are better options sonically.
February 3, 2011 @08:20pm

If this is for recording, I would not recommend anything we've discussed so far. I expect that Elvis' best work was recorded with a large diaphragm condenser or a ribbon after all (as are most vocals today).
February 4, 2011 @05:57am