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Korg X5 sound editor files to Unisyn. ???


I have a bunch of sound libraries , files of banks/patches for my Korg X5. The file format is for the Korg Sound Editor Application, which only runs on system 9. This all
works on a Mac 7600 running system 9, but neither the system nor OS is supported anymore. I have a copy of Unisyn 2.1 for system 9 and the current version for Mac Os X. Apart from the resource fork, the data in the files is just strings of sysexe.
How can I migrate these files of patches to Unisyn?
I had it figured out for Galaxy, but alas Opcode is no more.
I tried loading the patches on the Korg and then downloading them with Unisyn, but
Unison doesn't recognize that the patches have changed on the Korg X5.
I would like to migrate these files to unisyn 2.1 on system 9 and then move the library to my MacOS X system with the current Unisyn release.
really stuck on this problem.
January 22, 2011 @05:52pm