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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

After 15 years of great discussions, the Sweetwater Forums are now closed and preserved as a "read-only" resource. For discussions about current gear, check us out on Facebook, YouTube, inSync, and our Knowledge Base.

a frustrated shopper


I'm looking for a new keyboard (I guess I took the old days for granted)- I live in the NJ area so I can get to NY or Philly if need be. I'm looking to compare a few models like the Yamaha S90- Roland and Kurzweil 88 key models. Guitar Center is a joke- The inventory stinks and you can never get a knowledable salesperson. I see Manny's music is closed. Are there any good music stores???? Looks like a ton of places to buy on line- but how do I get the chance to try anything out? help
January 5, 2011 @03:33pm

You already know the answer to your own question. You don't really think somebody is going to send you a few keyboards to your house for you to try out, do ya?
That said, many of us buy based on reviews, critics choice. I've actually bought all my keyboards in my lifetime without trying them out first. Not until they arrived at my door and I uncrated the things.
In fact, back in 1985, I bought an Oberheim Matrix-12 simply talking to a salesman on the phone, never having seen or heard of Oberheim at that time. The salesman was extremely knowledgeable and advised me against what I told him I was looking to buy. He was so right!
Even if you don't like Guitar Center's sales people, you can still sit down at their machines and get an idea if you like what your hear, and if you like how their keyboards feel.
When I bought my Kurzweil K2500XS from Sweetwater, back in 1999, I had never played one. I simply knew from the ads and reviews, that that was the machine for me.
If you're a geek in any way, shape, or form, you'll figure it out.
And oh......., buy the Kurzweil PC3. It happens to be the best of everything.
January 14, 2011 @05:47am

The new Korg KRONOS looks great to me. It won't be available until Spring, but it's packed with features.
As far as music stores, have you tried Sam Ash?
January 14, 2011 @12:55pm

The benefits of buying online nowadays far surpasses any perceived risk. Recently, I had to travel a bit to try the Kronos at a Sam Ash store but still bought from SweetWater. Since there is a distance with both, purchase goes with the one giving me the most attention and I saved from buying out of state and not being charged in state tax. I have three stores as my 'go to' stores. One in NewYork which seems to have a much wider selection in accessories (cords, stands, cases, etc.) when that's all I need and they ship quickly (which is a hint at their name also). One that specializes in 'B' stock and is incredible with backing it all up and of course, SweetWater, which has had the best communication when technical product support is desired. Do your research, try those at the top of that list and buy online. For me there really seems to be no difference in a store that is a hundred miles away or a thousands miles away except how they service the product and treat you.
September 11, 2012 @02:58am

If you are looking for the best organs, piano, clavs, electric pianos and dont need all the other stuff be sure and check out Nord! Amazing stuff!
September 11, 2012 @01:53pm

Great advice... but the original poster is long gone.
September 11, 2012 @07:55pm