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Roland / Yamaha electronic drum kit for right and left handed players


Hi folks,
I'm new here, so let me introduce myself. I'm 40'ish and was a percussionist in middle and high school, but then resigned from the art in college to dedicate more time for career. My daughters (6 and 7) are interested in music, so I am considering re-investment to bring my skills back up to some level (and help the girls learn and appreciate drumming). My problem is that I and my older daughter are right handed; my younger daughter is both left-handed and left-foot dominate. I've seen this discussed on various forums, but can someone here give any creative suggestions specific to electronic sets that would prevent me from having to purchase 2 sets? I would like to cater to my youngest daughter's natural tendencies without forcing her to learn a right handed set (I think). Is there anything quick that can be done to re-assign or move components on these sets (to switch from right to left oriented)? How about purchasing a few extra components versus a whole new set? Any ideas on this? regards, stephen
December 14, 2010 @04:26pm

I can relate to this issue. I am left dominate in almost every aspect of my life. I started playing around six grade and my teacher taught me to play on a right handed set. It may have had a steep learning curve but I have benefited from it greatly as I can always sit down and play at anyone's set and my interdependence is excellent. I'm currently in college playing on a roland TD-4SX. Works great and is compact. Hope this helps.
January 17, 2011 @04:37am