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How to get some reverb on the Mackie SR- 150


Hello Musicians and Audiophiles,
I am planning to purchase a Mackie SR-150 to sing at small coffe shops and restaurants either with Guitarist or backing tracks. However, I like to have the option of reverb on my vocals, and am hoping that someone might suggest a nice accessory mixer that will compliment my SR-150.
I chose the SR150 because of its very light weight as I am female musician who needs to get in and out of transportation late at night with parking not very close by or sometimes even hopping on the rail...So I am looking for of course something as lightweight as the Mackie.
Thank you,
December 6, 2010 @02:51am

get a Yamaha's MG82cx it has compression and reverb with a Yamaha msr100 (24 pounds) and a speaker stand. You can use the speaker alone with a mic then get the mixer if funds are tight.
You can grow with this and get a very good sound.
January 22, 2011 @02:42am