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HELP! K2000VP Rack OR Trinity Rack ?


I am hobby home user and I need to choose between these two modules, cannot have them both.
What should be best:
1- Sampling + V.A.S.T. abilities (Kurzweil),
2- High quality effects (8 inserts, etc.) (Korg)
In other words, I would prefer the Korg module because of the effects (kurzweil has just 1 Effect Processor), BUT:
A) Is it possible to improve the "not so good" acoustic sounds?
B) is it possible to create new sounds, and reach the V.A.S.T. possiblities?
August 22, 2001 @10:58am

Have you heard a K2500 or K2600 with a KDFX installed?? I'd put those FX up against any other found in a synth today
August 22, 2001 @02:13pm

Thanks for your idea, Bob
Yes, I know the K2500 (plus KDFX board) and I think they must be awesome, but with budget problems, I could not go so far!
Anyway, maybe it is better to choose editing power (Sampling + VAST in K2000) than Effects power (Trinity Rack) ...?
August 23, 2001 @11:03am

that's a good point. you can always pick up a good FX box that will rival the triton, but you can you find an editor that will rival the kurzweil? maybe an editor librarian like sound diver or unisyn (galaxy, oh where did you go?). I guess it comes down to what type of music your doing and how you approach sound design and composition. I'm certainly not going to say a Kurzweil is always a better keyboard than a Korg or vice versa, it really depends on what the user is needing.
August 25, 2001 @03:17am