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Time For A Creation Station Upgrade?


I need some help comparing processor specs on my 3-year old CS compared to a new one I am considering purchasing. Would the diffference be like day and night or only minimal? I don't have all the specs and knowledge to compare these apples to apples. All comments appreciated!
Current CS:
E2160 processor
2/2 - core/threads
1.83 ghz. - processor speed
3.25 - usable ram
1 mb/L2 cache
New CS:
i5 processor
2/4 - core/threads
3.25 ghz. - processor speed
4.00 - usable ram (DDRR/1333)
H55 chipset
November 2, 2010 @03:16pm

The i5 architecture is a nice step up. It's faster by nature, and also supports hyperthreading. You'd mainly see a big difference when you consider lots of plugins or multiple applications at one time.
RAM access is faster on the new CPU's as well, because they address RAM directly instead of through the northbridge.
The new Tower and Rack also use the new intel integrated graphics in the CPU itself, so they're cooled using the CPU cooler instead of a fan on the video card.
November 2, 2010 @08:33pm

Thanks Justin for your comments!
November 3, 2010 @12:18pm