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Kurzweil PC3 vs Roland VR-700


Anyone have experience with both of these boards to give me input? I'm an advanced amateur, primarily needing an upgraded board (from a Roland RD-100 paired with a Kurzweil ME-1 sound module) to play with our church praise & worship band. I'd like a good B3 emulator as well as good piano and string sounds. I'm happy with 76 keys, as I'm more than happy to ditch the extra weight of the RD-100's 88 keys! Both of these new boards are about half the weight of my RD-100.
The PC3 seems to have all the bells and whistles for future expansion (breath controller, more sounds, etc.), but I'm wondering if the VR-700 has better keyboard action (waterfall keys) for organ and better layering/splitting options? One of the biggest drawbacks to my current setup is the extremely limited split options. I'm unable to do something as simple as electric bass in left hand and string ensemble in right hand. I can accomplish layering okay by using the onboard sound mixed with the sound module sound, mixed with an external mixer. I'm ready to ditch all the extra equipment, as setup is time-consuming! Not to mention ditch the excess 33 pounds resulting from the metal body and hammer action keys.
Thanks for any advice you can give. I'm hoping I'm lucky to find someone with experience with both the PC3 and VR-700. I will ultimately go test them out, but it's a 1 hour drive to the nearest dealer, so I'm trying to do my "homework" first. THANKS!
October 22, 2010 @03:23am