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Best light weight powered mixer system.


I'm currently looking for a new acoustic setup. Light weight is my top priority. I have a full band setup but I don't want to move a 300lb rack case for an acoustic show. I currently have a pair of JBL JRX112M I can use as my acoustic mains so I don't have to drag out my JBL MRX515. I also have an Allen & Heath PA12-CP that is rack mounted in a small ATA case with about 4U under. It's just super super heavey so I'm going to sell.
Does anyone know of any small powered mixers W/ 8 xlrs and enough power to drive my mains and that is really light. Soundcraft, mackie something good. I want to buy within the month so please help
October 19, 2010 @07:02am

The mackie psm808 and psm1008 look interesting but I read some reviews about bad clipping.
October 19, 2010 @07:03am

I guess I would be drawn towards the 14 channel yamaha but also think pv might be the way to go . . . ? ? ? I would hope someone who has actually used these pieces could add their wisdom . . .
October 19, 2010 @11:26am

The mackie i think will give you plenty of power for small venues at lower levels for bar or clubs where you do not need to melt faces. It also for my part has the best sound for acuostic and vocal.
The yamaha seems to handle loud longer but I think the mackie is more musically clear.
February 1, 2011 @06:20pm

I went with the powered speaker direction and now I'm having trouble with it. Someone design me a lightweight system that I can load and unload my self. I want amazing pre amps amazing built in effects. And after my last two months of problems it has to be road worthy. I play 10-15 shows monthly.
I currently have
2 jbl prx515 (both screwed up on me back to back shows)
2 jbl jrx112m( sound like crap)
1 Allen heath pa12 co ( too heavy)
1 4 channel alesis board unpowered
I often use 1 prx515 main and the small unpowered board
I will sell off everything price isn't that important just get me something big enough for a trio
Good speakers etc
December 13, 2011 @04:59am

I would get QSC KW12 and get a small soundcraft mixer like the notpad with fx. Just for a single guitar and one mic. A small bar/restuarnt set up with one speaker if in corner of room. Two speakers for wider needs.
These also make good sounding wedges layed on side.
February 9, 2012 @08:53pm