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Fan not working, whining


I have a 2007 CS Rack. I was getting a high frequency whining noise, which I thought might be a fan working extra hard, so I cleaned the dust out of the computer, which I do every 4 -6 months.
I used q-tips to clean the fan blades, and I noticed one of the fans wasn't able to spin, it would hit the side of the fan casing. It was just too close to the black plastic support that holds in one of the cards, so I removed it and re-installed, but now the fan doesn't ever turn on.
I've never noticed this fan spinning, but the other fans turn on and off, so I just assumed it was always off when I looked at it. I wonder if it's been like this for a long time and the motor burned out?
After all this, I still had the whining noise, so I removed the fan, and the noise is gone!
The fan is in the middle of the back of the CS Rack. It's an Enermax, 2 Ball Bearing, A128025BH-MAB.
Now I wonder if the fan just needs to be replaced, and/or if there are internal settings that can be made to this fan (the label says it is speed adjustable)?
Where do I get replacement fans, and should I replace other fans? What's their life expectancy?
October 13, 2010 @05:36pm

Chances are that your old fan wore out a bearing and then got stuck...noise was the worn out bearing.
The Enermax fan had an adjuster built into it. (it's hidden in one of the screw holes).
You won't need to change any settings on your computer.
We don't use those Enermax fans anymore. I think that exact model may be discontinued. We have a very good replacement fan available from Noctua, our parts department can get you one if you want.
The back vents on the CSrack are 80mm, so you can put other 80mm fans in there, but some are louder than others. Make sure that the replacement fan is blowing outward, not inward. You don't want to blow hot air back into the case.
October 13, 2010 @07:41pm

Thanks Justin.
I heard back from someone else at Sweetwater who's helped me before. I have a fan on order, I'll try that and let you know if that solves my problems.
I didn't know how to adjust the fan - thanks for clearing that up.
October 14, 2010 @05:18pm

I replaced the fan and everything's working well.
October 20, 2010 @07:29pm