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MOTU MTP AV serial to usb


I have an old MTP AV using the older serial port . I've thought about buying the new usb version but got to thinking there might be an adapter that would work?
Has anyone been successful finding a way to use the older MTP AV to usb for Windows XP or Win 7 ?
October 10, 2010 @07:10pm

There are some adapters that do USB to serial conversion, but it usually introduces some latency and sometimes they're not so stable. Unless you need to sync an ancient PDA or something like that, I'd just go with a newer interface.
October 11, 2010 @01:49pm

The purpose for this connection to the PC is specific for mapping ( so you can do the mapping ITB as an option). The MTP AV is an outboard midi router that IMO, has no mentionable latency. Its why I use it compared to the current latency plagued USB junk.
October 11, 2010 @03:27pm

Right, depending on the USB to Serial adapter, you may introduce some latency. It'll depend on the quality of the USB/Serial adapter.
I haven't see one of these used lately, but back when they used to be common, some worked fine, and some were buggy.
October 11, 2010 @04:02pm