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How to make LIVE sound good with a single stereo out jack on keyboard


I"ll try posting again looking for some help.
I have a Yamaha YPG-625 keyboard. It has a single jack for Phones/Out. Although I know this is not a pro-stage piano, I've been using it with my band for live gigs.
I struggle with getting the piano to sound right. The highs tend to be really tinny and sometimes the bass is a bit muffled.
Previously I was plugging directly into the PA, but we always struggled with the sound (usually I got over powered by the guitar and bass guitar).
Now, I"m using a Roland KC-150 amp (60 Watts), but it's still not great. We haven't tried plugging the amp into the PA yet, so maybe that will be the trick.
Anyone have suggestions on how to get a Yamaha YPG-625 to sound good with a band live? Does it not sound good because I have a single OUT jack on the back?
September 21, 2010 @01:40pm

You pretty much already know what is wrong, it isn't a pro board for gigging, and a single out trying to be headphones and whatever isn't going to cut it, not if you want to drip with uber schweet KeyTar tonez.
Good luck with it.
September 21, 2010 @03:08pm
Big Bottom Willie

We have the same problem, but have yet to adequately address it. We're going to try a few things and I'll update here what works best.
My question to you is: Does the volume control on the keyboard control the Phones/Out level? If so, at what level do you set the volume?
September 22, 2010 @08:24pm

The output is a stereo output on a TRS jack.
If you connect it to an amp input or a mixer line input with a standard 1/4" TS cable, you will get the left side only.
If you connect it to an unbalanced amp input or unbalanced mixer line input with a 1/4" TRS cable, you will get the left side only.
If you connect it to a balanced amp input or balanced mixer line input with a 1/4" TRS cable, you will get an out-of-phase mix of the two channels, which will sound very peculiar.
October 4, 2010 @07:13am

Thanks for all the replies, much appreciated.
With regards to "Big Bottom Willie", i play around with the volume on my keyboard a lot during gigs unfortunately (and yes, the volume does control the output jack on the keyboard).
I just got a Roland KC-150 amp (60 Watts). I think what we're going to do is connect my keyboard to that amp and then run a line out of the amp to our PA system, and I"ll use the amp itself as a monitor for my keyboard during shows... we're playing Arlene's Grocery on Tuesday, Oct. 12th... so hopefully that will work.
Obviously I need a pro-board for gigging, but this yamaha ypg-625 will have to do until that day comes..
thanks again, and if anyone else has any ideas or tips please let me know..
October 5, 2010 @03:23pm

buy a low price mixer like soundcrafdt notepad 102. patch phone jack on keys with stereo to two 1/4 inch Y cable to the mixer then you can send mono summed to pa from the monitor out and use aux or main to your amp for monitor. or take aux send from the pa with monitor mix to your board and go with head phones fro your little mixer to mix your own monitor to help reduce stage levels which would give you a better sound in room.
A quiet stage makes for a happy audience.
January 22, 2011 @03:26am