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roland mc-909 info


hey peoples, just wondering if anyone has any impressions or thoughts on the roland mc909. im really thinking about getting it, i was thinking about a piano, but i think this would serve as a better gateway into music. also i am wondering what kind of ram it takes, it states DIMMs but i cant find an online manual to state any type of specs. im gonna try and find a roland forum of sorts. but if anyone here knows, share the wealth!
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January 6, 2003 @05:07am

It's not bad at all it does take a little geeting used to but once yuo've the hang of it youre there. Now Im just learning how to sequence a lil' better but overall it's on point and as far as sounds are concerned it blows away the RS7000, (no disrespect to any Yammy heads out there) As far as info is concerened, checkout Yahoo.com look under groups MC-909 they have tips out the wazzo there to help and also www.MC-909.com
hope that helps
April 27, 2003 @04:09pm