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channel strips?


hello all,
I am starting to venture into the sound category of channel strips, and have a few questions...
the presonus eureka is vastly popular and proven at a very low price among channel strips. why then, do untis such as the avalon vt 737sp, still hold favorite among many studios? if the quality is so much better as to make up the the price difference, then why is the eureka found at all in professionally budgeted studios? and the tl audio ebony a3; same question? if the eurekas quality rivals these, why has it not dominated? is it simply preference that can be afforded by major studios? is classic coloration worth that much money?
September 20, 2010 @08:58pm

It boils down to taste. Not everyone always agrees about how good things sound. In my experiences there's a difference in how engineers respond to mic amps in the +$1000 per channel range when compared to the under $500 per channel range. Expensive preamps are universally liked. People may like one more than another on any given source, but the quality is always there (at least in the models I'm aware of). Cheaper preamps are more hit and miss. You can find some magic by combining a cheap pre with the right mic and the right source, but you can just as easily find dull, lifeless sound, or sound that's too "hyped" and artificial.
But there's still a place for cheap units, at least for anyone with a finite budget. Many studios will have a lower cost/quality preamp around to help cover things in larger sessions. When you have a full band in your room tracking you probably don't have to get real gripped about the preamp on the cowbell, or the scratch vocal for that matter.
September 21, 2010 @11:58am

right; makes sense.
I figure it had to come down to taste, it just seemed like a huge price difference for different preferences
my thanks
September 22, 2010 @03:10am