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creation station up to snuf? Or is it time to upgrade


When I purchased my creation station pro tools le 6.9 came out. It was great.
Since I have upgraded to 8.0 and it seems to be strugling.
My creation station is a single core processor with 1 gig of ram.
Is the single processor capable of handling 8.0 or do I need to upgrade to a dual or newer style one?
If so is there anyway I can get the spec sheet for things like my motherboard? and is it possible to get a list of recomended upgrades?
I have read the DUC and other sites and have read mioxed reviews.
Thanks in advance:)
September 15, 2010 @12:05am

ProTools 8 really benefits from dual & quad core CPU's.
The new AIR virtual instruments can be very CPU intensive.
Your motherboard is based on an older CPU socket that Intel has phased out, so unfortunately you can't just drop a new multicore CPU in there.
You can add more RAM. Your board has 4 slots, and supports a total of 4GB.
You probably have 2 x 512MB DIMM's in there now.
You could put up to 4 of these in instead:
September 15, 2010 @01:17pm