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Boss FS-6 Pedal


Hi all. I recently bought a Roland AC-33 and Boss FS-6 switch. In order to use the looper and effects switching function, is there a special Y-cable I need to purchase?
I plugged a regular instrument cable in the A/B input. However it only turned the reverb and chorus efects off.
Thanks in advance.
September 7, 2010 @05:52am

The standard instrument cable that you used is called a 1/4" TS cable-TS stands for Tip/ Sleeve and this type of cable can only carry one signal (mono, if you will). What you need for the FS-6 footswitch to work is a 1/4" TRS cable-TRS stands for Tip/Ring/Sleeve and this type of cable can carry two signals at one time-one through the Tip and one through the Ring-the sleeve portion is the common. Most people mistakenly call all instrument cables "TRS" cables when actually standard instrument cables are TS only. To tell the difference take a close look at the cable's plug... do you see one black ring around it near the tip? That separates the tip from the sleeve (so that you can have two wires running to it without touching each other (shorting out)carrying one signal-that is a TS cable. When you look at a true "TRS" cable you will see two black rings around the plug-one just above the tip and another just a little farther up the shaft thus forming the "Ring" so you have a TIP and a RING and a SLEEVE so the "tip" can carry one signal, the RING can carry another signal and the SLEEVE is the common and can/does have three wires running through it to carry two signals at the same time. The FS-6 provides more than just one function (one signal) it performs two functions (two signals)-that is one signal running from the amp to the pedal and another signal running from the pedal to the amp or in the simplest way to put it; the pedal has to be able to communicate with the amp and the amp has to communicate with the pedal = two-way communication. Another misnomer (or mistaken terminology) is to call a TRS cable a "stereo" cable. While it can carry a 'stereo' signal, the proper nomenclature is to call it by it's real name - a TRS cable or a Tip/Ring/Sleeve cable. One of the Sweetwater Moderators should have been able to answer this question for you long ago-it's an easy one. Too bad you had to wait so long for a response but I don't hardly ever visit this forum. Hopefully someone else has been able to answer this question for you by now.
April 17, 2011 @11:18pm

Also check the manual for your Roland AC-33 and the manual for your Boss FS-6 Footswitch and pay particular attention to the mode switching mechanisms on the back of the footswitch to make sure that they are in the correct positions for what you are attempting to do. In most cases, for looping the mode switch on the "A" side should be set to 'FS-5U (momentary)' and the "B" side should be set to 'FS-5L (latching), but to be on the safe side check your manuals. You can also just 'google' Roland and/or Boss (same company) for more information or Sweetwater Tech Support can help.
April 17, 2011 @11:33pm