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DP 5 monitor recording ? Help


I am hoping this is one of those easy fixes where I am overlooking something very simple .
I am running DP 5.13 with OS 10.5.8 using two Ultralites . I run my mics though pre's and compressors strait into the ultralite then out to analog desk.
I am having different monitor level than play back level as the monitor level is very low and the playback is correct level . And even this is inconsistent ..
Here is example of problem ...
I am recording two mics into stereo track in DP . I set my levels and everything is just fine .... I finish recording this particular track and move on.. Now I want to record lets say four more tracks , so I "add similar tracks" . Here is where it gets goofy ..
In the new tracks- no. 1- I just made in DP I will select the first one for a new lets say voc. When I listen you can hardly hear the voc yet on playback it is correct volume . {BTW I am going into Ultra 5-6 and out 5-6 into my desk 5-6 and my audio mode is "Auto"}
Now if I go immediately to the next created, track monitoring will be normal
again as well as playback . If I continue this and go to next created track it will have a very low monitoring and correct playback .. In other words all tracks play back normal at correct set up volumes but out of the four new tracks every other one has very low level monitoring .. And to add this can change to none have correct monitoring levels .. So I have to create new tracks and hope some of them will work or find existing tracks that work move the audio already recorded and go from there ..
I have checked bundles and they seem in working order ..
This will happen no matter the tracking input or outputs no matter the configure of monitoring ...
Levels in and out of ultralite are good ..
Volumes on ultralite good ..
I am running DP in direct to Hardwire mode .
Dp board volumes all good ..
Basic problem is seemingly on its own accord the monitoring volume changes and is hardly heard yet in the audio monitor window level is great and playback is great ....
Any help I would appreciate greatly as we are in the middle of tracking a deadlined second album ....
Thank you
August 16, 2010 @12:51am