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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

After 15 years of great discussions, the Sweetwater Forums are now closed and preserved as a "read-only" resource. For discussions about current gear, check us out on Facebook, YouTube, inSync, and our Knowledge Base.

Have you owned a double kick pedal for six months or more?


We're looking for end-user reviews of double kick pedals - real short, sharp summaries of the good and the bad. These will be presented in the October edition of digitalDrummer magazine.
I already have a few in the bag, so if you'd like to add your thoughts, please email me for further instructions.
And besides sharing your wisdom, one guest reviewer will also win a pair of Senheisser headphones.
editor at digitaldrummermag dot com
August 11, 2010 @07:38am

I've owned a Tama Iron Cobra Double Chain pedal for a few years now.
The Good: They take a beating and they're still in great shape, strong solid pedals. They're still very smooth gliding and I'm glad I bought these pedals. That have worked out good for me so far and I'll continue to use them till they really fall apart.
The Bad: I had a screw strip out on the cross bar, bought a tap kit and tapped the screw hole and bought new screws. Worked fine. Broke a spring but replaced that. All the tabs on the case that came with it have popped off and the case is about to tear in have at the fold. So some duct tape has taken care of that!
August 25, 2010 @09:00pm

digitalDrummer's pedal review is out now - and includes a useful buyer's guide by Sweetwater's Derek Senestraro.
You can read if for free here
September 22, 2010 @09:36am