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Emulating the Upright


I have a very basic fender bass(not a fretless). And I am doing a very cheap quick Demo, And I love the upright bass sound. Does anyone know how to emulate that big woodsy upright sound with EQ and Effects or something else. thanks-
December 31, 2002 @12:06am
THe Zoo

Try resting the heal of your hand on the bridge and using a pick. also staying on one string will help keep an even tone. lastly Labella flat wounds (black) will make you sound more fretless than most fretless players!
March 31, 2003 @01:47pm

One other thing you can try is to mute the strings by stuffing a handkerchief or small towel under the strings at the bridge. The original fender basses (precision and jazz) had foam strips mounted in the bridge covers for just that purpose.
The don't use bridge covers any more.
Also, try and imagine yourself playing an upright, even if you never have before. (Depending on the song), you probably aren't going to want steady 16th notes, or other such modern techniques.
March 31, 2003 @03:54pm

Perhaps also just the tiniest bit of chorus (not that big wide shimmery stuff, but something small and subtle, I have a Boss PS3 which has a chorus setting that works nicely).
(next time I'll write the whole message in parentheses)
March 31, 2003 @07:31pm