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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Isaac Brock Bridge???


Hi there, in photos and videos I see Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse using a custom Wicks guitar, but am stumped on what type of bridge is on it.
Here are a couple pics:
And there are a few more on the Wicks Website:
Thanks! I know you can pull it up and press it with your plam to bend the strings, kinda like an Ibanez Korn style. But its not locking nut.
Any ideas on what it is, or even better, where to buy it, are much appreciated! Thanks
May 19, 2010 @01:03pm
GM Reszel

Can't tell from the pic - got a close up?
May 20, 2010 @12:36am

Aaaaah, thanks guys
But I emailed Wicks, and the amazing staff actually emailed me back! check it out:
Glad you're a fan of Isaac's guit. What he has is my Custom Wicks guitar built to order for $3500. The body is solid Mahogany and a bound top with your choice of wood. The neck is a five piece Maple combined with whatever you choose for the top and a "Tree of Life" inlay on the Pau Ferro fretboard. The tremolo is a Wilkinson and I can put pretty much any pickup you'd like but highly recommend Wolftone pickups. A couple things from Isasc's guitar can't copied though... the inlay, because I have a gentleman's agreement with him, and the trem is custom made by Calaham Guitars and is not available.
I'm also working on a "production line" version that will have a finished ash body with the same carved top and shape... but no exotic wood top and binding. The neck will be a three piece instead of five and dots for fret markers instead of the "Tree of Life" inlay. They will be priced around $1700. Either way you're looking at about six months before I can have one finished for you. If you are still interested give me a call.
So yeah! too bad its not for sale. Thats a sweet bridge.
May 22, 2010 @01:27am