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Triggering TD20 with previously recorded acoustic drum tracks?


I'm am wondering if it is possible to track acoustic drums into Pro Tools, a standard drum recording with mics and then take some of those previously recorded tracks (kick, snare, toms, NOT CYMBALS) and send them out of my digi002R to a Roland TD20 "brain"? Once they are sent out, probably via prefader aux, can they go line level into the TD20 trigger inputs, thusly firing samples from TD20 in close to real-time to where I could just nudge the Roland tracks back a bit or line up their transients with the acoustic kits'? If this is possible, the samples could be sent out the Roland's direct outs and there by be sent line level to other PT tracks to be blended with the acoustic kit. If this situation is even possible, could I also use the MIDI out to PT in lieu of the direct outs?
I have never heard of anyone trying this in any forum. Think of it as re-amping an acoustic drum set (minus the cymbals of course!)with samples to be blended into the acoustic kit. If this is possible, it could open up a TON of creative opportunity for me. I could essentially, at that point, even record killer tracks of my acoustic kit, mix and master them, and load them into the TD20 to blend my mic'd kit with "my kit." Does anyone know if this is possible? If not, what the best similar approach would be?
Thank You for your time!
May 8, 2010 @01:47am
Audio Doctor D.F.A.

I have done this with limited success. You need to gate the inputs to the TD-20 module with your acoustic kit recorded on separate tracks. Careful adjustments to the velocity section of the TD-20 is essential as well.
Be prepared to adjust these velocity settings as the dynamics of the recorded acoustic set change. This may involve using multiple takes over multiple tracks.
It is a laborious process, but it can be done.
July 17, 2012 @10:09am