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Auto Tune or Melodyne...


I know this will probably start a huge ordeal, but I would like some advice. I've been wanting to get a pitch correction software for some time. I dowloaded the trial of auto tune, and it was pretty neat. It was easy to use and integrated well with pro tools. I also downloaded the latest version of melodyne with the new DNA feature (which is pretty cool). Idk about melodyne because i know that earlier versions didn't integrate with pro tools well. You had to bridge the audio over or something but I hear now that it works just like an RTAS plugin should.
Which one would be better?
Which one sounds more transparent?
Here at sweetwater, Melodyne Editor is just 300 dollars while auto tune is 200.
Also, can anyone tell me the difference between melodynes studio and melodynes editor? Im thinking all i would want is editor.
PS, don't get angry over this. I know there is some intensive hatred out there for pitch correction, but I think it will be a great investment. Im recording local bands and since they're paying, i want to make them sound at least halfway decent. When I record myself, I dont ever want to use pitch correction, since Im more old school, i Just believe in "studio magic" for these inexperienced kids.
March 11, 2010 @06:42pm

Its a good question.. I'll let some others chime in first.. If you would like a personalized 1 on 1 response feel free to give Sweetwater a call. 800-222-4700
P.S. Pitch correction is used on almost every album, what your concerned with is using too much pitch correction. Other than a few artists we all know, most engineers and most artists do not use pitch correction to the level that it completely changes the tone of their voice, but just to give it a slight "bump" in the overall sound. Kind of like the difference between adding a wordclock to a recording system. There isn't anything in my mind wrong with using pitch correction just as there isn't anything wrong with adding reverb, EQ, compression etc. These are just tools we have available and engineers and artists use them in different ways (some for the better and some for the much worse).
March 11, 2010 @06:50pm

This is exactly how I feel. I would be doing most of my tuning through the graphical section in auto tune and would only be using it to help just a tad. Im not at all trying to achieve the "0 return" style as the other musicians in today's pop. I would also like to know which one has a better workflow. When I got auto tune's trial, i didn't really have many projects I could use it on, and kind of wasted the opportunity on it. I feel that melodyne doesn't flow as well, but the DNA aspect is absolutely amazing.
March 11, 2010 @11:11pm

I've used both, and find them both pretty easy to use and get good results with. If I had to make a broad generalization I'd say Autotune is slightly faster and easier for quick, simple corrections, but Melodyne is a little better for tweaky or more in depth stuff. Frankly they've both evolved to a point where there's very little in the way of typical, every day pitch correction they don't do very well and easily.
March 12, 2010 @01:32pm