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Remixing and Cleaning up some old Cassette Tapes


Any advice on how to best get rid of the white noise behind the mix in some old cassette tapes that I am cleaning up? I have tried some various EQ settings, but I don't want to affect the tonal characteristics of the songs too much. is "Sound Soap" any good? I am running PT8 LE..
Any thoughts would be great! This has been a lot of fun to experiment with!
Thanks, Will
January 28, 2010 @01:20am

There are a variety of noise removal plug-ins that will do it. A few I can think of off the top of my head: DINR, Izotope RX, SoundSoap (and SSPro), etc. There are many more.
January 28, 2010 @03:51pm

Will not the promises of the new R-Mix by Roland do it all?
April 2, 2012 @08:01pm

To be completely honest... this will always be the trade off, tonal characteristics vs the annoying noise of the cassette.
I've tried for hours and days and weeks to find a work around, but you WILL LOSE some of the tonal characteristics... it's a balancing act, and it still may be worth it to get rid of some of that noise.
Just don't look for a perfect solution, you will be wasting your time. Do the best you can do and move on.
September 9, 2012 @01:44am

^ Oh, holy crap I didn't see how old this post is... Sorry!
September 9, 2012 @01:47am

^ Oh, holy crap I didn't see how old this post is... Sorry!

It is an old thread, but at least the OP wasn't talking about Eight Track Cassettes! Those are really old! ;)
Best wishes,
September 9, 2012 @03:42am

Thanks for being part of the forum djtymartin and Lmf! Feel free to reply to any of the old posts, the knowledge we find is kept alive through the years and searchable via google to help others. If this is the one legacy you leave, its a well received one! Have a great day both of you.
September 10, 2012 @01:07pm