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Give me advice on my mix!


This is just a basic mix with my new Pro Tools set up. It's unmastered and a very rough recording. Tear it apart if you have to.
Do the drums need more punch? They are untriggered, but I'm thinking about throwing some on there to add punch. That's one of my issues I'm deciding on right now. I just put a very hard gate on the drums to avoid bleed with foam around each mic.
Also, I really want a better bass tone, so any suggestions for that will help. It's being recorded on an Ampeg Tube head with a Geddy Lee bass.
Also, suggestions with auto-tune. I have an Antares AVP-1 Rack Pre Amp, but didn't use it on this recording. I don't have any auto-tune plug-ins. Will it add for fidelity to the vocals at all? Smoothen out the vocals at all?
Listen to the demo clip "Phantom Limb"
I know the quality suffers on purevolume.com, but it gives a basic representation.
December 10, 2009 @05:30am

I like the mix. I'm not the expert on here but I can still give my opinion. I had a hard time understanding the vocals. Then again, that might be the quality as you've mentioned. I thought the bass sounded pretty nice. I don't think the drums sounded bad. I thought it all mixed well together with the exception that I would turn up the vocals a hair.
Are you happy with the piano sound?
December 10, 2009 @06:05am

Thanks man for the input. Yeah, I can see where your coming from with the vocals for sure, I would agree. I was in the middle with the bass tone, I think it just needs to be re-recorded a little tighter, so thats probably why I was in the middle about the bass. This is just a demo to learn from before we start recording our new EP.
Yeah the piano sound is the Mini-Grand piano plug in the new PT8 comes with. Im still messing with it to get a more natural sound out of it, not sure how much I'm diggin it lol. I still like the garageband piano better Im thinking.
December 10, 2009 @06:16am

First off, I like the song. It is a good arrangement and (from what I could understand) has good lyrics. However, there are a couple things you could do to make it better. First, turn up those vocals. If our ears can't distinguish whats supposed to be the lead, they start to suffer fatigue and your song looses appeal. Second, add some higher EQ on the master bus. I felt the song had good bass quality, but it had too much mid and way to little high. Try adding some around the 1000Hz and curving it up to about +3db at 20000Hz point and dip the mids between 400Hz and 800Hz. Lastly, (being a piano player) I feel that you added the piano as an after thought. It has great riffs; don't hide it in the background. add some mids to it and pull it forward. Try panning the guitar over to one side a bit and then matching that distance on the opposite side with the piano. Great start though. Keep up the good work!
P.S. I dont know if it was the streaming quality or what, but if there is a noise reduction filter present, it needs to be adjusted. Try moving the threshold.
December 27, 2009 @12:52pm

over all sounds good just the inital strum on bass seems to pop to much maybe back down on the attack. also the clip is streaming which makes the cymbles sound washy. so can't really tell the quality of the mix.
January 8, 2010 @12:52pm