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Bartolini PickUps


Hi everybody!
I'm new here... My first question is:
I have an Ibanez SR7000 (out of production) with Bartolini pick ups.
I've been on Bartolini's and Ibanez's sites but they can't tell me anything about my pickups. Which series are they? Are they good? Are they active or is the circuitry active?
Thanks in advance.
December 13, 2002 @08:23pm
David Klausner

I'm not familiar with that bass, but an active pickup system requires a preamp. If you've got a battery compartment, it's active, if not, it's passive. Hope that helps...
December 13, 2002 @10:02pm

It requires a battery, but I know there are active pickups and passive pickups with active circuitry: two different things!
December 14, 2002 @01:16pm

Not neccesarily true..., Chube the bass you have has active electronics, not necesarily active pick-ups. Most SR basses do, hence the battery compartment.
You can go to the bartolini site and get some help from them via e-mail on whether or not they are active/passive.
Not that that really matters much because they are Bartolinis but hey, it helps to know.
Bartolini is the only way to rumble...
January 18, 2003 @05:25pm