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Presonus Drivers For Windows 7


Presonus Does Not Have Any Drivers For Their Product Line Available For Windows 7. When I Called Tech. Support I Was Told That Presonus Does Not Know When Drivers Will Be Available And For Units Like The "firepod", Which Is Discontinued, And I Bought Just 4 Years Ago May Not Have Drivers Developed By Presonus For Use In Windows 7. This Would Mean I Would Have To Spend Several Hundreds Of Dollars To Replace A Piece Of Equipment That's Only 4 Years Old.
When I Asked To Speak To Someone Else I Was Told I Would Get The Same Answer "nobody Knows". When I Insisted That Someone In The Presonus Organization Has To Know More Than "i Don't Know" And That I Wanted To Speak To Them The Tech. Hung Up On Me.
Presonus Must Have Know Well In Advance That They Would Not Have Drivers Available By The Rtm Of Windows 7. You Would Think That Common Sense And Responsibility To Purchasers Of Their Products, Would Have Been To Put A Notice On Their Web Site So That People Could Have Delayed Installing Windows 7 . I Put Several Hours Of Work Into Backing Up My Files, Installing Windows 7 Then Re-loading All My File Back Into Windows 7 Only To Find Out That Drivers Are Not Available. I Had To Put Several Hours More Into Reversing The Process And Re-install Windows Xp.
I Run A Small Music Studio. I Had Clients Due In For Recording As Well As Other Projects Due To Clients On A Deadline. I Can't Put My Business On Hold While Presonus Tries To Figure Out If It Is Going To Supply Drivers For Their Product Line Or Not.
Has Anybody Else Dealt With This Issue? Does Anybody Know Of A Work-a-round For Drivers For The "presonus Firepod?
I'm Not Sure At This Point If I Will Ever Buy Another Presonus Product As Long As I Live!
November 4, 2009 @10:06pm

Why did you upgrade to Windows 7 without first checking to see if your hardware was compatible?
It's not reasonable to expect a company with such a small development team and hardware-intensive product as PreSonus (or any audio interface manufacturer for that matter) to have a driver for a new OS as soon as it is out. It's even more unreasonable to expect that to happen for a product that has been discontinued for two years. It was over a year before the audio industry saw widespread driver support for Vista, and 18 months for XP. I'm hopeful that the transition to Windows 7 will be faster, but why would you think that the switch would happen instantly?
It's way, way too early for a manufacturer to know when their drivers will be ready. I can tell you that they are working on Win 7 drivers now, and have been for quite some time using the public beta that was available, but they aren't ready yet, and they don't want to promise users a date that they may or may not be able to keep.
My advice to you, and to everyone recording on a PC, is to leave Windows 7 alone until you are 100% sure that your software and hardware support it. Do your research; find drivers and software updates first. Call Sweetwater if you bought your stuff here to inquire about compatibility.
November 5, 2009 @12:40pm

I spoke with Presonus last night.
They're hard at work on a new update and Win7 drivers will be part of it. They're still early into it and there are a lot of hardware devices to support, many bugs to find and fix first. So, it's too early to know when it'll be finished. They say when it gets closer to done there will be announcements.
I don't know which devices will get updates, they may not even know until they start trying to find and fix bugs. You have to remember some of these devices were designed 4-5 years ago, two different OS revisions ago. The bits that run the audio engine may not work on new OS's even with new drivers.
Keep in mind that they're dealing with both Snow Leopard and Win 7 at the same time, both are also throwing 64-bit support into the mix.
The last time there was a major platform update, Presonus did a closed Beta, then a public one, then a final release. I haven't heard this from them, but I'd expect a similar route this time around.
November 5, 2009 @07:32pm
Norm Terreri

I have the same problem with Cubase LE and got the same answer from Presonus. I am thinking of buying Cubase Essential 5. Does anyone know if they have about the same capability? Thanks, Norm
November 6, 2009 @10:09pm

Steinberg hasn't finished updating their software for Win7 yet.
Even if it was updated, you still need Win7 drivers from Presonus for the audio interface.
November 6, 2009 @10:14pm
Norm Terreri

I just purchased a computer with Vista. I am having trouble getting Cubase to work. I called Presonus and was told that they no longer support Cubase LE because they now have developed their own recording software.
November 7, 2009 @11:06pm

Two suggestions for you...
1) If you purchased your copy of Cubase at Sweetwater (or if you it came bundled with a piece of hardware you purchased at Sweetwater), call Sweetwater's tech support department. They'll help you out (for free) with anything you purchased here.
2) I'm assuming that your copy of Cubase is Cubase LE, and it came bundled with PreSonus hardware, right? If you purchased that after January 1, 2009, you can get a copy of Studio One (PreSonus's new software) for free. If you purchased it before Jan. 1st, you can upgrade to Studio One for $99 - half off the regular price. You'll be glad you did it. Not only will you get the support you are lacking on Cubase LE, but it's much easier to use, and not subject to the limitations of Cubase LE.
November 9, 2009 @02:26pm

Lots of people complaining about Presonus lack of Windows 7 drivers. But I had very little trouble getting my Firepods to work with Windows 7.
Now ... I always use my DAW as a dedicated DAW (I'm not playing video games or surfing the web) - so maybe that's why it's working for me.
I have a fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. Installed the FirePod drivers and it was recognized and sync came right up. Sonar 8 PE using ASIO works great with low latency and reliable audio.
Now ... getting it to work with Windows apps (like Media Player etc) is a little tricky (and not terribly important to me so I wouldn't have minded that much) but I was able to get it working with a few minutes of experimenting. First trick is to figure out which of the 5 devices that show up is the right one. Just test each device (right click and choose "test") until you hear the sound and set that device as the default. The bit rate has to be set right (48K) - so if your DAW uses a different bit rate I find that I have to use the Presonus Control to set it back to 48k before Windows apps will give sound - otherwise Windows will complain that the device is in use by another app.
November 18, 2009 @11:40am

It's worth noting that PreSonus released public beta drivers for FireStudio products on Windows 7 yesterday.
November 27, 2009 @03:18pm

I too have driver issues and while moderator JeffBarnett is correct in questioning why anyone would upgrade to a different OS before researching this driver compatibility issue, much bally-hoo and two-thumbs-up reviews were coming down the pike about the Windows 7 upgrade compatibility tool that once installed, will kick back any compatibility issues between any of your system's hardware and software with Windows 7 before you upgrade.
Works really well, but other than Cubase (which I upgraded to Presonus' Studio One before the move to Windows 7) there was no detected issue with my FIREPOD moving up to Windows7.
If he used the Compatibility Too before hand and there is blame to be cast on anyone by MR MUSIC, it might be more productive to contact Microsoft and ask why their Upgrade Compatibility tool didn't recognize any issues with Presonus hardware before the upgrade to Windows 7.
Granted, you probably shouldn't strictly rely on Microsoft's tool, you should probably check forums like this one for problems others ran into after installing Win7 but for most of us, if our own little systems show no issues after using Microsoft's Upgrade Compatibility tool, its highly likely human nature would make them assume their systems & hardware will do just fine moving up to Win7...
Unfortunately, I have problems now too, but they are not insurmountable...
Here's my issue and what I do to fix it (in Windows 7)...
When i install the drivers for my "discontinued" FIREPOD, everything looks great, but my system Sound card (Rocketfish 7.1) no longer produces sound.
I go into Control Panel>Sounds and reset my default output device to my Rocketfish sound card, and voila! I have sound coming out of my system speakers and I can use my FIREPOD inside Studio One...
When I run into trouble, is when I walk away from the computer for a little while and she goes into Stand-by or hibernation...
...when I return to go back to work, I see my interface status light on the FIREPOD has turned from blue (connected successfully) to red (no connection )...
I can only assume that this next solution may or may not work for anyone else that has connectivity issues with their device for ANY reason, (i.e. can't install drivers from the get-go, firepod spontaneously drops drivers, etc.)...
I go into the Device Manager by right clicking
My Computer>Properties>Device Manager, find my Firepod under sound devices and I uninstall it.
I then click on Actions>Scan for hardware changes within the device manager and Win 7 automatically finds the Presonus drivers, re-installs them, then prompts me for a system restart.
When I reboot, everything works great.
My advice would be to avoid this from happening repeatedly, like if you're working on a major project, when you are done with a session, close your recording software, and before you walk away from your computer, shut it down. If it goes to sleep, you'll lose the drivers again.
Seems like a hassle, but as moderator JeffBarnett says, its not reasonable for a small company to keep up with every possible issue, so sometimes, you have to find what works for you and your system....as for me, if this is what I have to do to keep using my FIREPOD with Win 7, it's an inconvenience, but it works, and is way worth the hassle.
If this work-around doesn't help, sit tight, wait for the new drivers, or sell the FIREPOD and purchase the hardware that IS compliant with Win 7. I don't mean this to sound flippant, but seriously, the nice thing about Presonus gear, is that it holds its resale value remarkably well.
You should get a fair price for it.
Sorry for the novel-length post, hope this solution works for somebody with similar issues, good night and good Luck!
November 29, 2009 @10:23am