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Is Anyone familiar with the Peavey SP4 speakers?


I'm setting up a sound system in 3-way set up. HI, MIDs and LOWs.
I'm need to run the SP4 in split HI and MIDs, but there is only one port a speakon connection that based on the what it says in the back of the cabinet "to Bi-amp speaker, remove the input cup and reconnect jumpers per label inside cabinet"
My question is wouldn't I need to speakon ports one for the High F. that will go the Power Amp for the HF and another speakon port to go another power amp to feed Mid F.?
Or do I have to use a different kind of cable to split the + from - and go the respective amps?
The other way that will be the easiest way is to have one power amp that will feed the SP4 as a full range speaker with a 1/4" speaker cable, right?
From the Yamaha console, I'm going to the DriveRack PA stereo and out to HIGH, MID and LOW to the power amps.
I'm using the Peavey PV1500 for the HIGH Freq. Peavey CS4000 for the MIDs and Crown XLS5000 for the SUBs.
Another question:
-Based on the speaker specs, The power handling for the SP4 HF is 120w/program @ 8ohms. I'm using the Peavey PV1500 300w per channel @ 8ohms.
-For the MIDs, Should I use 2 Peavey CS4000? the specs for the SP4 is Low Frequency power handling is 2000w/program @ 4ohms. So do I need 2 Peavey CS4000 4000w @ 4ohms Bridge. One of the amps for each cabinet?
-For the LOWs, I have a Crown XLS5000 and I have 2 SP218 which they handle 2400w/program at 4ohms. Should I use 2 Crown XLS5000 5000w @ 4ohms Bridge mono, one for each cabinet to get the maximum power?
I will truly appreciate your help and input.
October 14, 2009 @02:17am

I believe you have to take the jack cup off and reconnect the jumper wire like it says and you have to have a biamp speakon cable which has a single connector speakon end for the speaker and dual ends for your amps.
October 14, 2009 @04:55pm

Yes ... you need a speaker cable that runs the 1s to one amp and the 2s to another. This is dangerous if you hook up something wrong. I recommend that you wire up a panel with a standard 4 cond speakon and use a standard 4 cond speakon cable. On the inside of the panel make the connections to your amp.
Having 300W for your HF drivers is a good thing BUT you will need to carefully set the limiters in your driverack to limit the continuous power to about 60 W. That way you'll have plenty of power for peaks and still prevent cooking the driver.
You don't need 4000W to run the dual 15's, especially if you are running subwoofers. I would run your CS4000 in normal 2 channel/stereo mode with one side to each box. Likewise with your subs.
SP4s were not designed to be run with subwoofers unless you cross very low (below 80 Hz) which is kinda a waste with the SP218s. Have you ever considered Aux Fed Subs? Probably a much better way to go.
November 4, 2009 @05:35pm

I saw where you wrote about using a sub in aux. I am new at this. I would like to run the sp4s as they are and use a sub with them. Is is a good idea to use an external crossover to keep the lows into the subs. How do I sub in aux?
August 21, 2012 @03:55am