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Synthesizer/controller features


Hi all. I am looking for a keyboard for work and home, and hope anyone can help. I have a specific feature set and I can't find anything definitive.
Years ago, I got into MIDI with the Korg M1. It blew me away because it had cutting-edge voices, incredibly solid construction, good key action, minimalist design, and a display which showed its flexibility. I am looking for something with the same strengths.
Here are the things I need or want:
1. Great piano sounds, although half the time I will use this with a computer and it need not always produce its own sound.
2. At least 61 keys.
3. USB interface
4. Decent key action; I am not sure here. Something more piano-like than light synth-action keys; semi-weighted?
5. A display
Things I would like:
1. Good quality brass sounds
2. A variety of voices, although piano comes first
3. Some amount of tweak-ability
These are the things I do NOT need:
1. A sequencer
2. Percussion
3. Accompaniments and arpeggiators
My price range is more or less under $700. Can anyone help me make this decision?
Thanks very much!
October 10, 2009 @01:41pm

I recommend you save up another $400. Then the options become better.
Korg M50
Yamaha M06
Roland June G
If you use a computer to supply sounds and sequencing, then you'll only need a controller Keyboard. You $700 can give you semi-weighted keys and 88 of them at that.
push the Keyboard button above and search the Sweetwater site for your various price to option questions.
good luck
October 12, 2009 @01:49pm