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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Presonus FireStudio Project and Logic 8


Hey everyone,
I recently purchased a Presonus FireStudio Project to use as my main I/O. I was using just a POD X3 with the USB cable before, and up until recently, it suited me just fine for my needs.
Since switching out the interfaces, I notice a difference in the sound quality of things I am playing back. For instance, songs that I have recorded, mixed, mastered, and even songs from my iTunes just sound...different. And not in a good way. There seems to be a loss of fidelity and clarity, and my mixes just dont sound as good as they did. I am upgrading my monitors soon, as right now I'm just using stereo speaks hooked up to a receiver. Which, once again, sounded great with the POD X3 (minus the bass frequencies...these speakers cant handle them obviously which is another reason why I'm upgrading to monitors.
So I guess what my question is: Is there something that I can do within Logic or the settings program for my Presonus to make it sound like it did when I had the POD hooked up? Is it common with Presonus interfaces to have playback quality issues?
October 7, 2009 @10:01pm

You really shouldn't hear a remarkably bad change. I suspect that there is something wrong setup with the hardware.
You could possibly even have a bad interface or a problem with the drivers, it does happen. Contact our tech support or Presonus' tech support right away to get it solved.
October 7, 2009 @10:05pm