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FireStudio Tube for PA application


I am toying with the idea of using a FireStudio Tube for both recording and as a mixer (using the firecontrol software) for live sound. The only shortcoming I see is mixing in effects (mainly reverb) during an event.
Any ideas on how to do that? I don't think the software has effects does it?
October 3, 2009 @12:58pm
MWood Stu

I've got one, too - no FX onboard whatsoever. You'd probably have to have an outboard FX box, or - use your DAW software to apply FX and monitor THAT instead of the inputs directly.
Sounds like a fun idea, though! I love all the I/O the PFST has!
MWood Stu
November 4, 2009 @07:01pm

You can actually use any DAW to send effects back through the Firecontrol application using some of the DAW returns. In your software, just enable hardware monitoring, but turn the fader down. Then enable that track to send effects 'pre fader'. Then map the outputs of the effect to let's say, Daw returns 3 and 4. Then you can pull those up in the Firecontrol mixer and blend them in with the dry signals. There will be a little latency of course on the effects but if you are using delay or reverb as the effect, it doesn't matter (that's just predelay).
November 4, 2009 @11:03pm