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XP computer doesn't recognize Zoom H4n via USB


I'm running Windows XP with updated USB drivers. When I plug my Zoom H4n recorder into a USB port, the computer does not recognize the H4n. My Vista computer does recognize the H4n via USB. The H4n is supposed to work with XP.
In System/Hardware/Device manager, it says that the device drivers for the USB storage device (the Zoom H4n recorder) are not installed. The H4n does not come with drivers; it expects that Windows USB drivers should sense the device as a USB storage device.
Other USB devices work fine with the XP computer.
Zoom has no tech support on this. Any ideas?
September 25, 2009 @08:58pm

Check page 33 of the manual.
The H4n has to be turned on and set to USB mode.
Then you have to set a frequency and hit connect.
It's a class compliant device, so it shouldn't require drivers.
Page 35 has info on using it as a card reader.
Set it to USB.
Select Storage.
September 25, 2009 @09:21pm

Yes, I followed those instructions exactly, but the computer does not respond to the H4n. It does not appear in Windows Explorer when connected as a USB storage device. Other USB devices, such as thumb drives and printers, are detected ok. Maybe my H4n is defective. In any case, I can remove the SD card and plug it into the computer's SD card slot to transfer files. It would be great to use USB, though.
September 26, 2009 @11:09pm

If you got it from us, you can contact our service department at 800.222.4700 x6400 and they can walk you through setup and let you know if it needs replaced.
September 28, 2009 @01:33pm

Did this detail ever get worked out?
December 5, 2010 @05:23am

I have an amd pc computer with win 7 64 bits and i have problems with the drivers provided for zoom.
I´ve just downloaded the latest versión and my h4n has the latest version too.
When I install the zoom asio 64 driver and I connect my h4n, it says that windows cannot inicialized the driver for this device (code 37) so no cubase or any other audio program recognized it.
can you help me?
March 29, 2013 @09:07pm