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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Anyone ever seen a gibson like this,Trying to track down what type it is.
September 23, 2009 @12:13am
R Whittington

The engraved plate was an add-on at some point. I've never seen that plate on a Gibson guitar. But the guitar itself is not a Gibson.
September 23, 2009 @12:05pm

Epiphone Coronetish thingy or knockoff of one, somebody tried, unsuccesfully I'm sure, to stick a Maestro on it.
That's my bet and I'm sticking to it.
September 23, 2009 @06:34pm

Another pic and thanks for the input.If its not a gibson is sure is the best sounding p o c I've ever heard.The original pickguard was white,I made the one thats on it now and didnt do a very good job of it.Thanks for your expert opinions.
September 24, 2009 @02:04am

Does it have a headstock? Serial number of any kind? Anything written inside? All ways to determine what it is. You can put a Gibson part on anything if you try hard enough, so there is much more to identify a guitar than that bridge piece.
September 24, 2009 @04:32pm

Looks almost exactly like a guitar I had in the '70s called a "Tulio" - a total POC Teisco wannabe. As I recall, the crappy pickup did have a lotta balls though :)
September 24, 2009 @06:29pm

It probably is a poc.Cant find a number or marking anywhere on it.
September 25, 2009 @12:20am

The pickup and the headstock have a strong whiff of Teisco to them, I think. Some of those things actually had pretty decent pickups.
September 25, 2009 @09:11am