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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Best keyboard amp for around a grand


Im a muscian in a band that plays regularly in clubs all over LA.. medium size venues like the viper, roxy etc. I blew out my Roland kc-550 last week (maxing it out way too much) .. Im looking for a bitchen amp for those shows and for our rehearsals. Something with the power where I dont have to max it out to compete with an angry drummer in our rehearsals. I have 1,000 budget... here's what I have boiled it down to... the Motion Sound KP-500SN or Roland KC-880. What would you reccommend, or would you go with something totally different?
Thanks in advance!
ps. I play loud music. usually classic rock or some electronic. I need dark heavy bass strong mids for the leads and orchestral highs sometimes too :)
I have a yamaha motif es-6 and a roland jx-305 that I use together when I play live
September 18, 2009 @10:26pm

I've searched the world over for the "best" keyboard amp. Having played professionally for 40 years, I have concluded that the best amp for my purposes (solid, loud live output) is a bass combo amp and, in particular, the combo amps from GK, Yorkville (Traynor) Hartke and to some extent, Peavey. For around $600 used, you can pick up a GK MB210 and a 15" extension cabinet, giving you 500 watts of pure thrust for the wide range of sounds that keyboards emit. You'll need a small mixer as well, since bass amps generally have only 1 input (I have found the Soundcraft small mixers to work best). You will end up with a powerful, yet very mobile (the combo amp weighs under 40lbs) system that's perfect for most applications. The dedicated line-out on the amp will allow the augmentation into the mains during large concerts.
I'd match this rig against any "keyboard" type combo amps any day.
June 13, 2012 @07:39pm

kind of happy with my pair of jbl sr4726a ( which I picked up used for 800.00 ) bobby
April 18, 2013 @03:42am