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Breath Controller Help Please


I have a Triton and Yamaha S80. I'm playing with a newly forming band that is doing 80's music - lots of synths, saxes, etc. I bought a breath controller to make the saxes more realisitic, but it simply acts as an on/off switch - there is nothing, you blow, and you get it all - not a nice easy increase in volume but it jumps to a pre-described volume. I've been reading that it would work a lot better with the expansion board 150PLG-VL. Some else told me there is a more expensive board availabe that is better, but I have no idea what it is. Anyone's feedback who have used the PLG150-VL would be invaluable or anyone with another possible solution . Thanks!
September 17, 2009 @05:00am

Breath control is one of a number of continuous controller commands available in the MIDI spec. When you use a breath controller, as well as any other controller, a couple of things must be in order for it to work.
1. The controlling device must be setup to send the appropriate control data info when breath data is received from the controller.
2. The sound being controlled must be programmed to respond to that data in the manner desired.
For instance, if you want breath control to govern the volume of the sound then you would need to program the overall path volume parameter to respond to the appropriate controller number for breath control (which I don't remember off hand) or set up your system so that the breath controller data is mapped to continuous controller number 7 (which is normally volume).
Having said all this, some keyboards and sounds are already programmed in a way that they should respond to the breath controller correctly. In your case either something is wrong causing the data to not be sent correctly, or you happen to be using sounds that aren't responding to the control data that is being sent in the manner you want.
September 17, 2009 @11:46am