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Audio Logic MT66 Info?


At great risk to my reputation and perceived manhood, I picked up this compressor over the weekend. So my quest begins. I will haunt every place on the WWW until I find anyone who has any info. If you have a user's manual or a service manual, I am at your mercy. Just go easy on me, knowing I'd do the same if the situation were reversed ;).
September 15, 2009 @02:30am

Anyone? :( :( :(
September 16, 2009 @03:59am

Audio Logic was a division of DOD/ Digitech that made DBX knockoffs in the 90's and used the AL name to disassociate themselves from DOD/ Digitech. That being said, I own one and use it occasionally - it's a knockoff of the no longer available DBX 166 Comp/ Limiter/ Gate and works and sounds pretty much the same. Better than the current DBX 266, and all in all a decent VCA comp/ limiter.
September 16, 2009 @05:30pm

Well, that's more than I knew yesterday, so I have to sincerely thank you for taking any time to reply. Maybe a 166 manual would work? I opened up my Audio Logic just to tighten the jacks and clean the pots, and I noticed some calibration potentiometers, and I just know I should check the calibration ;). That's why I need the service literature. This is going to drive me bananas.
Hey, why waste this opportunity? Do you still use your MT66? What do you think of it? I am thinking just to use it for kick and snare compression. Even I am not that crazy to try it for vocals, unless I want something down and dirty.
September 17, 2009 @01:13am

You might try calling Digitech's service department to see if they still have sevice manuals. I seriously doubt that it NEEDS calibration - VCA IC type compressors are generally pretty stable and depending on which version you have the IC chips were made by either DBX or THAT, both of which are very high quality (I have a THAT equipped version). The trim pots are there in case you ever have an opamp go down and have to replace it - at which point you would need to rebias.
I use it primarily on bass and drums (kick and snare), but it works on anything you want that aggressive DBX type sound on. It certainly isn't my first choice on vocals, but for the right singer and style (aggressive rock, punk) it can be just the ticket.
September 17, 2009 @12:30pm

Well, I actually got a copy of the owner/user manual :). It is pretty simple. Now the hunt continues for a schematic or anything for a service manual. I emailed DOD and got absolutely SFA back for a reply. Not even a 'Sorry, we don't support crap that old.' email.
Someone somewhere has a schematic, just as sure as I am someone has a plethora of 'mods' for it. This could turn into something.............. or other .
September 20, 2009 @01:32am

So where did you get the manual. I got one of these off of Ebay in As Is Condition, it had a couple of stuck posts, besides that it seems to work great, I clean and lubricated the pots and it compresses fine, while I was in the process obviously I exposed the main circuit board. In that process I realized that the main board is only a doulble sided etching something we used to build in electronics classes. I thoght of your blog and wanted to advise you that if you want a schematic all you have to do is follow the etchings, then go online and lookup the pin outs of the chips, which I'm sure are nothing but a bunch of op amps, except for the power supply if you wanna call it that...lol. Just one hugh coil with two tiny caps, following that a couple of regulators. Anyhow I would love to get my hands on a copy of the manual can you drop me a line with where you found it? You see all my compressors built into my stomp boxes have delays in them and I just assumed this one would too, but it seems to be nothing more than a fancey line conditioner. I used to read about top end rockers how they loved to compress their signal, and thought wow I can't wait to try that, now I'm trying to figure out why someone would go through all the trouble to design one of these things, sure it amplifies the signal and cleans it up but I was hopeing for a bit more. So in that search I'm looking for a manual. I'm building a studio and want to use it. Also Digitech support has been more than open with me on some of their stomp boxes I've brought back to life, I'm sure if they have a schematic they will be more than happy to share it. Good Luck, Rick
August 5, 2013 @08:01pm