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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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I finally decide for the Yamaha CP33 piano...


During the past 6 month I have been planning to buy a new keyboard. I make a full research by reading, asking, watching videos, hearing demos, checking forums, etc. I really need a new keyboard with a good/real piano sound and with weighted keys. I consider a lot of brands and good ones such as Roland RD300GX, Roland FP4, Kurzweil SP2X, Korg M50, Yamaha P140 & P155, Casio Privia PX320 and Yamaha CP33. My budget was $1300 to $1500 max. In my humble opinion, I feel the yamaha keys more weighted, real and natural than th other brands. Also, the piano sound makes me feel that I play a real acoustic one. I know that the yamaha models doesn't have too many sounds and effects like rolands or kurzweils but I use the piano sound 90% of the time, that was the issue that maks me decide for a yamaha. I have 3 yamaha choices the P140, P155 and CP33, all three have good piano sound, action and are too close in price. I decide in the CP33 because it's more compact, a little bit lighter and have a couple of sounds more than the other two. I order the CP33 yesterday and I can't wait to get it and practice all night long. Please tell me if I chose the correct one or not. Other opinions are welcome. Thanks...
September 11, 2009 @12:33am

sounds like you made a sound decision.
Since your application is piano your choice is strong. You could always add another small keyboard later to expand your sound pallette.
I find it very exciting when someone makes an informed choice, based on their needs and not other's. I'd feel even better if it was me getting a new Yamaha CP33.
September 11, 2009 @01:30am