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Difference between Roland FP 4 and RD 300 GX?


Hi there,
Today I went to a local music store, and through the last couple of months I have decided that the Roland FP-4 and Roland RD 300 GX most closely fit my needs. I'm not a fan of the Korg user interface or acoustic voices (plus their 'stage pianos' at this price give me a lot of things I won't use such as a Sequencer) And the Yamaha stage pianos at this price don't offer the calibre and number of voices I need. So basically I'm wondering if anyone really knows the difference between the FP-4 and the RD 300 GX?
PS There is a Kurzweil PC1SE at the store on a special price which is about a hundred dollars more than the Rolands. So if anyone has experience with this board, that would be appreciated as well.
September 8, 2009 @06:42pm