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Sweetwater Forums [Archived]

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Best Interface suggestions


So I was looking for a basic interface to multi-track record my band and myself playing drums. My original thought was to find a basic firewire interface to plug into my Macbook pro, one with mostly line-ins since I could use my mixer for the pre amps and use the inserts to connect to the interface.
Looking around, I'm considering the Motu 828mk3 (can get a good deal on it this weekend with 20% off at guitar center and music123). This is an interesting device since it looks like I can use it as an effects processor as well as a recording interface. When I'm recording 8 channels of drums, I can use the pre-amps on my mixer; recording less than 2 channels, use the built-in pre's. What is everyone's thought of this interface? I've read good reviews...
When using my mixer as the pre-amp, is there any issue using the "inserts" on my board to plug into the interface? Will this route a signal to the Motu interface, and BACK to the mixer? Looks like I'd have a buy a cable with a TRS end to plug into the insert, and dual TR connectors on the other side to plug into the input and output of the Motu interface.
I'm sort of a newb with this stuff, and just want to make sure I'm on the right track...
September 3, 2009 @06:02am

If you want to take a signal from insert, there is an easier way. Use unbalanced cables, and after you connect it into sound board, pull connectors out a little (one click) and you will have a signal to your interface and signal flow uninterrupted in the mixer. I found it not always practical to run signal through the card because of latency issues, gain settings, routing, system crushes etc. With above recommended set up, it is less problems if your system crushes. And you have all your outputs from the card available for something else (as FX returns, CD track playback etc.)
September 14, 2009 @11:56pm

Indeed, go with unbalanced (single TS to single TS) instead of TRS. The regulars here will be surprised to see that someone else beat me to it!
Half-plugging a TRS would mean your cable's tip hits the jack's ring (good) and the cable's ring hits the jack's sleeve (bad). In other words, your TRS cable's sleeve is out in the open touching nothing, as opposed to a TS sleeve which is long enough to make contact with the jack's sleeve.
September 15, 2009 @03:57am