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tricky reverb


I just finished tracking a project, the only live recording are the vocals, all the rest are virtual instruments, anyway I started to approach to the mixing, so on the vocals tracks after some EQ and very subtle compression I put some reverb,(D-Verb) just a little not to wet and it sound great when I am into pro tools ( It blends very well with the virtual instruments, like in the same space...) but once I bounce it to disk, and I play the song with any media player such itunes for instance, the damn reverb sounds too much ( i am using d verb around 17% to 20%) which should be enough, I set the eq on itunes totally flat to avoid coloration but It seems to tricky to get it just right because I came back to PT and reduce the % on the reverb a little but once I play it again with a media player now is too dry....so....any tips????? thanks in advance.
August 9, 2009 @01:18am

Are you listening back in the same room/environment that you mixed in?
Bouncing is always, wysiwyg!
August 27, 2009 @05:17pm

When you import to iTunes are you converting to MP3? Sometimes the perceptual encoding messes with things like reverb balance a little bit. Also, if you're monitoring iTunes through a different signal path (meaning not your PT hardware) naturally things are going to sound a little different. Usually it's subtle, but...
Sometimes this sort of thing can be trial and error. Also check the sound on some other playback systems and see what happens. Each one will contribute something different and (potentially) call your attention to different things.
August 27, 2009 @06:20pm