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Subgrouping - Yamaha LS9


I just got an LS9-32. Very easy to figure out, but one thing alludes me.
I am using the desk as a monitor console and if its possible I'd like to subgroup some things (drums, percussion) to make mixing live more simple. I know about channel links, but ideally I'd like to return the subgroups to their own stereo faders that can be sent to the monitor mixes. Is this possible on the LS9?
July 31, 2009 @09:15pm

If I understand you correctly, you want to group multiple input channels (say, drum kit) into a single stereo pair (for processing, perhaps) and then send that stereo pair to one or more monitor mixes. As you've already figured out, you can't do it the obvious way because subgroups can't feed auxes.
However, I think there is a way to do it. I'm not sitting at my console right now, but logic (and Studio Manager) seem to support this idea.
Set up your console something like this:
Mixes 1-8 feed monitors 1-8
Mixes 9-12 are subgroups (4 mono, two stereo, whatever)
Mixes 13-16 are various effects sends
Here's the thing: instead of sending mixes 1-8 directly to your stage amps, IEM transmitters or whatever, route mixes 1-8 to matrices 1-8 (is that the correct plural form for "matrix"?) at unity gain (0). Aux 1 to matrix 1, aux 2 to matrix 2, etc. Port the outputs for matrices 1-8 to your stage amps, IEM transmitters, or whatever.
NOW, group all of your drum inputs to mixes 9 and 10 (assuming you've got them set up as a stereo pair). Do *NOT* send these channels to mix busses 1-8, since you'll be sending the group there instead.
HERE IT IS: you can now send the master faders for mixes 9 and 10 to the matrix busses that feed the stage amps, IEM transmitters or whatever.
It's one extra hop, but it can be done -- and it's not too convoluted!
September 1, 2009 @11:24pm

I thought of another solution that I actually like better than the last one I proposed. If you send your subgroups to an output that can be routed back in to input channels, you can send groups to auxes that way instead.
The easiest way would be to route your group output to one of your rack inputs, and then route that rack output to an input channel (or channels if it's a stereo group). Just put something in that rack position that doesn't change the sound (a FLEX15 EQ with everything centered, for example) or maybe some effect that could be useful (multiband compressor, for example).
If you can't sacrifice a rack position, perhaps you could try going out an SPDIF, card slot or OMNI output and physically looping that output back into the corresponding SPDIF, card slot or analog inputs.
JUST BEWARE OF FEEDBACK LOOPS! Don't route your "group" input channels back to the group that is feeding them...
September 10, 2009 @11:25pm